Device recommendations for online learning


Healthxchange Devices Training online learning platform is BigBlueButton, a web conferencing system designed for online learning.

Healthxchange Devices Training runs within your web browser (no app to download and install). We recommend using the latest version of Chrome or FireFox on your desktop or laptop computers.

Healthxchange Devices Training​ also runs on mobile devices (again, you don’t need to install any app). When using an iPad or iPhone, use the default Safari Mobile browser (iOS 12.2+). When using an Android device, use the default Chrome browser (Android 6.0+).


We recommend using a laptop or desktop computer with (at least) 2G of memory and a 1Ghz processor (any computer bought in the last five years should be fine).


  • Desktop/Laptop: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Edge
    • NOTE: You can use Safari on Mac OS X, but you will not be able to access the screen sharing feature.
  • Mobile iPhone: Safari Mobile
  • Mobile Android: Chrome Mobile


  • We strongly recommend using a headset to ensure that viewers can hear your voice clearly without any echo or background noise.  You do not need to buy an expensive one — any basic headset with a built-in microphone will work.

NOTE: A laptop with a built-in webcam and microphone will be sufficient as well if you’re in a quiet area.

Internet Connections

You will need to use a good, stable Internet or 4G connection, ideally the connection over WiFi shouldn’t be a public connection as speed can suffer on these networks


You must have at least 0.5 Mbits/second upstream and 1 Mbits/second downstream.  To check bandwidth use,

Mobile Devices

  • Data Connection: We recommended 4G for best results or minimum 3G to use audio, view presentation content and receive screen sharing.
  • Device Settings: We recommend reducing device usage while connecting. This means closing applications running in the background and reduce browsing activities.